Discover the Chic Summer Styles of the Sarmal Collection

Discover Altınbaş’s dazzling and innovative collection, Sarmal, featuring a variety of bracelets that can be combined end-to-end to create spiraling necklaces. The unique Sarmal Collection is the perfect addition to any stylish woman’s summer wardrobe. Let’s take a closer look!

The Altınbaş Sarmal Collection greets jewellery enthusiasts with the motto, “When you are ready to shine, embrace life with Altınbaş Sarmal Collection”. This collection features thin and elegant gold bracelets that can be connected using an innovative design approach to create a spiral effect.

Experience a unique and modern accessory with versatile models that can be worn as both necklaces and bracelets. With their functional design, you can add as many pieces as you desire, creating a personalized accessory experience. The choice is entirely yours.

The Altınbaş Sarmal Collection is a wonderful gift option that can excite women of all ages and styles, and it’s sure to make their hearts race.

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