Let’s Get to Know the Besties Character Navi Closer

Altınbaş invites young people to a colourful and entertaining world in its new collection, created based on the concept of “Besties” that emphasizes close friendships. Inspired by the tastes and interests of generation Z, the brand brings to life four characters with different zodiac signs, styles and hobbies in the Besties Collection. Here is Navi, one of the Besties’ characters, and her colourful world…

Star of Chefs: Navi

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Navi, the star of chefs from Besties, stands out as a complete Scorpio. Extended necklace and earring models for young girls shine among the jewellery of ingenious Navi, who has a calm nature. A peerless chef, Navi stands out with her simple yet striking style.

Besties characters, where young girls can find a piece of themselves, reveal a bright expression style based on the new generation’s passion for fashion.

Reflecting Altınbaş’s high quality, meticulous craftsmanship and elegant style, this unique collection is waiting to be discovered in Altınbaş stores and online store.

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