It’s Gemini time! Celebrating their birthdays between May 22 and June 21, Gemini women are known for their quick thinking, fluidity, versatility, and cheerful and playful nature. Intelligent, attractive, resourceful Gemini are energetic women who enjoy changes in work and environment.

Zodiac Sign Passionate For Change

Gemini women are known for their mobility and passion for change and freedom; they get bored quickly, love to travel and need change more than anyone else. The members of the zodiac sign are talkative yet soft-spoken, and their friendly nature allows them to have many people around them.

Gemini Sign Style

Gemini women are keen on the latest trends and innovations. Members of this zodiac sign closely follow fashion and observe what people around them wear. Gemini women tend to have a vast collection of outfits in their wardrobe; they use every style and colour, reflecting their versatility.

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Gemini Gemstone: Blue Topaz

The lucky stone for Gemini is blue topaz. Blue topaz, known to be good for stress and tension, balances the emotional states of Gemini women. This stone is believed to balance the nerves and activate the urge to make logical decisions, relaxing the wearer with its blue colour.

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Gemini Lucky Colour: Yellow

Yellow, the colour of energy and action, is the lucky colour of the Gemini sign. The Gemini woman, who likes yellow clothes, accessories and jewellery, prioritizes yellow gold in her jewellery choices.

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