A Summer Tradition: Anklets

The most popular summer season accessory, anklets come alive with contemporary designs of Altınbaş to reflect the season’s fashion. Inspired by the sea, Altınbaş anklets are waiting to adorn your ankles with symbols reminiscent of summer.

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The sea entertains, relaxes and helps you think; sometimes, it makes you sad, and other times encourages you. If you think about it, the only god who stood up to Zeus, the most powerful god of Greek mythology, was Poseidon, the ruler of the seas. Because the sea is mighty, everchanging, and dynamic, it is both daring and unpredictable…

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Besides, it is rich, accommodating a very different realm under the vast blue blanket you see that has an entirely different way of life and rules from our world. It is at least as colourful as the earth and as vast as the sky. That’s why it’s a little magical, arouses curiosity, and excites us. It has and still inspires many writers, finds a place in the verses of poets and becomes the background for painters’ canvases. It is inviting, and it awakens all emotions.

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Now, the magical world of the sea is a guest on the anklet models of Altınbaş, which gets its inspiration from the fine details of life. Stylish and elegant anklets carry the sea breeze to your jewellery and then onto you. With their sleek designs, Altınbaş anklets adorned with various figures such as fish, dolphin, anchor, seahorse, star and rainbow can also be considered a timeless gift option.

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With the assurance of Altınbaş, which steers the jewellery industry in Turkey, these anklets will add colour to your feet and positively affect your soul with the energy they get from the sea.

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