Stunning and Eye-catching: 22K Jewellery Selections

In 2022, we will have striking styles, maximalist designs and eye-catching accessories in abondance! If you are not afraid to make bold choices and show your style assertively, you can complete your style with Altınbaş’s 22-carat jewellery designs. Be sure to check out our suggestions for great gift and style ideas.

Stunning Bracelet Designs

It has never been this easy to reflect your style with 22-carat gold bracelets that bring the key pieces of the maximalist style to life.

Eye-Catching Earring Designs

It’s time to meet the eye-catching 22-carat gold earrings, which are an excellent gift for women who like bold designs.

Bold Ring Designs

Stunning and contemporary, 22-carat gold ring designs are here to decorate your elegant fingers…

Timeless Necklace Designs

Timeless, stylish and meaningful flower of life necklaces come together with 22-carat gold to complete your style.

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