Lucky Gemstone for Cancer, Gemini and Pisces: Moonstone

The semi-transparent white moonstone, also known as mother-earth stone, offers a lovely and sparkling colour with blue and orange reflections in it. Moonstone, extracted from Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and throughout America, is a favoured and precious gemstone by natural gemstone enthusiasts.

According to astrology enthusiasts, the moonstone, believed to be the natural stone of the Cancer, Pisces and Gemini zodiac signs, gives positive energy to the people who wear it. In addition, it is believed to have positive effects on feelings of compassion and sympathy.

The effects of moonstones are not merely on an emotional level, but a common belief is that those who use moonstones can easily remove toxins from their bodies and get rid of health problems such as cramps and leg pain.

Moonstone Collection

“Moon Stone Collection”, created with unique designs, offer beautiful necklaces and rings displaying the elegance of gold and the pureness of moonstone to the enthusiasts of the gemstone.

Moonstone Collection consists of jewellery suitable for all clothing styles, be it classic or sporty, formal or daily. Necklaces and rings in the collection are created using only natural moonstones and 14-carat yellow gold, where the combination of the two achieves perfect harmony with star, heart and moon-shaped gold details.   

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