Best Exercises for Eye Strain

Technological advances brought computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to our lives alongside eye strain caused by long-term use. Eye strain is a common condition where your eyes feel tired or sore after heavy use. Laser Optik Board Member Fahrettin Keleş talks about ways to protect eye health, especially for people who work behind a screen for extended periods.

Emphasizing that a distance of at least 60 cm from the computer screen should be observed to protect eye health, Keleş said, “People who work behind the computer non-stop should not look at the computer screen for more than 2 hours, and should rest their eyes from time to time by changing focus. The quickest way to reduce dryness or excessive watering is to blink several times to help your eyes relubricate. Blinking and yawning can help trigger your eyes to produce tears to moisten your eyes. Blinking your eyes quickly several times can also help spread the tears across your eyes, reducing burning or sore feelings. At the same time, some eye exercises should be done by looking right-left-down-up without turning the neck, which will help relieve eye strain.”

Eye Exam is required twice a year

Keleş reminded us that during an eye examination, it is crucial to tell about the screen time and the nature of the work one does, adding, “In order to get accurate results from the treatment, it is necessary to provide information about the work environment. Too much screen light stimulation disturbs the eyes, so the ambient lighting should be dim. People constantly exposed to screen light should have their eyes checked twice a year and should prefer glasses with blue light protection.

If these precautions are not observed, fatigue will double, and migraine attacks, headaches, eye strain and watery eyes will be experienced. Furthermore, glasses should be chosen per the face shape. High-quality glasses with materials that would not harm the skin and are designed according to the facial anatomy should be preferred. Getting help from professional opticians to select eyeglasses will also be beneficial.”

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