Designs Attuned With Your Mood: Altınbaş Mood

Sporty or stylish. Day or night. At home or a party. On the weekend or at the office. A single necklace and bracelet are always with us with the Altınbaş Mood collection. The most exceptional pieces from the Altınbaş Mood Collection are designed to accompany our every mood.

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The common point of the models designed to be used at any time is their design that reflects elegance and positive energy.

You can have jewellery that you can use for many years by browsing the Altınbaş Mood Collection, which includes timeless models that never go out of fashion.

Click for Mood Collection.

Altınbaş Mood Collection consists of stylish and versatile necklaces and bracelets designed to adapt to sporty, classic or alternative styles.

Mood Collection pieces, in which classical designs are reinterpreted with an innovative perspective, can be an unforgettable gift choice.

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