We Selected Besties Products Carrying Spring Energy

The Besties Collection, presenting the story of four fun-loving friends reaching the stars, includes teenage girls’ jewellery that comes to life with brand-new designs. You can discover the sparkling world of Besties with the collection of four unique characters, Bellatrix, Alya, Kleeia and Navi. Here are the colourful models we selected among Besties products that carry spring energy…

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Among the social media phenomena of the Besties team, Bellatrix is ​​the favourite of those who take care of their outfits and enjoy cinema.

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Navi, the star of chefs from Besties, stands out as a perfect Scorpio. Among the jewellery of Navi, who has a reserved and calm nature, extended necklace models and earrings for teenage girls catch the eye.

Click for Altınbaş besties collection.

The collection, which symbolizes the character of Kleeia, the star of the stage with an emotional and delicate nature, includes gold bracelet and necklace models for teenage girls.

Alya of the Besties group, who is enthusiastic and a true Aries, also attracts attention. Alya, who comes to mind regarding gold jewellery for teenage girls, allocates a place for jewellery at every moment of her life.

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