Flashy 22K Rings

Although gold rings have appeared in different colours, like white gold and rose gold, in recent years, despite the changing trends, classic yellow gold rings are the number one choice of those who do not want to compromise on their magnificence. It’s time to see the bold 22-carat gold ring designs adorned with precious stones that we have selected for you!

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22-carat gold rings transmit elegance, assertiveness and quality with their magnificent stance and weight.

You can present these stylish designs to your loved ones as a gift on special occasions or use them in unforgettable moments such as marriage proposals.

Click For Altınbaş 22K Gold Rings.

22-carat gold rings appeal to different tastes with delicate designs in solitaires or impressive models adorned with fine tiny gemstones.

These splendid gold rings bearing Altınbaş quality never cease to impress and never lose their value.

Click For Altınbaş 22K Gold Rings.

If you want to make bold, timeless and precious choices for yourself or your loved ones, take a look at Altınbaş’s 22-carat gold ring models.

You will attract attention in every environment you enter with designs that appeal to different styles and age groups.

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