Mandala Interpretation by Altınbaş

Reflecting the purest energy of life with interlocking circles, Mandala became the inspiration for the collection designed by Altınbaş with 22-carat gold. Altınbaş Mandala Collection with stylish and beautiful models is ready to be your talisman of happiness! Here are five unique designs we have selected for you from this collection…

1.Altınbaş Mandala Hoops

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This model, in which the stylish and meaningful mandala pattern is reflected on hoop earrings, is a candidate to be the favourite of women of all ages.

2. Altınbaş Mandala Wristband

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The threaded mandala bracelet, one of the exciting pieces of the Altınbaş Mandala Collection, is both sporty and stylish with its model with gems!

3. Altınbaş Mandala Neclace

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Altınbaş mandala necklace with black frame and gems is ready to reflect its talisman around women’s elegant necks!

4. Altınbaş Mandala Ring

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This stylish Altınbaş mandala-patterned ring transfers the glamour of 22-carat gold to your fingers.

5. Altınbaş Mandala Earing

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Here is another Altınbaş hoop earring with a mandala pattern. Your talisman of happiness will be dangling in your ears with this stylish and elegant earring.

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