Gold Name Tag Bracelets Exclusively for Spring Babies

Offering a wide range of baby and child gifts, Altınbaş adorns the wrists of the little ones with gold baby name tags designed with different symbols and motifs. Do not choose your gift without checking the Altınbaş baby name tag bracelets we selected for spring babies and children.

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Fun and stylish gold bracelets designed for children stand out as one of the most elegant ways to make children happy.

Gold children’s bracelets, produced with the technique of embroidering many different figures with gold chains, contain designs that attract children’s attention, such as fish, ladybugs, flowers, hearts, butterflies, strawberries, evil eye beads and airplanes.

Click for Altınbaş Child Tags.

Name tag bracelets, one of the classic and indispensable models, become an accessory your children can identify with themselves.

Mashallah designs and models with evil eye beads are among the timeless options.

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