5 Special Designs We Selected From Altınbaş Moire Collection

Who hasn’t met Altınbaş Moire Collection with colours ranging from white to shades of blue, wavy form and unique designs? It’s time to maximize the spring energy with five exclusive pieces we selected from the stylish and elegant Moire Collection!

1. Altınbaş Moire Ring

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The Moire Collection, which Altınbaş handles with its quality artisanship, innovative designs and unique perspective, dazzles with stylish rings. Here is one of them!

2. Altınbaş Moire Necklace

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Standing out with its stylish designs and striking lines, the Moire Collection crowns stylishness with this exquisite necklace that reflects the beauty of blue, the colour of happiness.

3. Altınbaş Hare Cuff Bracelet

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This beautiful design, which stands out among the bracelet models of the Altınbaş Moire Collection, has the versatility to adapt to any time of the day, style, and environment.

4. Altınbaş Hare Bracelet

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The elegant bracelets of the Altınbaş Moire Collection will be the choice of women who turn heads with their grace in every environment they enter.

5. Altınbaş Hare Ring

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This stylish design in the Altınbaş Moire Collection, drawing attention with its blue wavy form, is an excellent choice for those who want to make themselves and their loved ones happy..

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