A glimmer of Happiness with Hare Collection

Altınbaş reflects the radiance of elegance and happiness in its new collection named ‘Hare’. Drawing attention with its wavy form, colours ranging from white to shades of blue and elegant design lines, Altınbaş Hare Collection awaits the women who make heads spin with their radiance.

Hare means bright, sparkling, undulating lines seen in certain living things and objects.

The Hare Collection, handled with exclusive craftsmanship, innovative designs and the unique perspective of Altınbaş, is inspired by the growing and deepening feeling of happiness.

Standing out with its stylish designs and striking lines, the Hare Collection reflects the elegance of blue, the colour of happiness.

Radiate your sparkle with the Hare Collection!

The Hare Collection, consisting of rings, necklaces, bracelets and wristbands, each of which has unique designs, awaits women who want to reflect their happiness, elegance and sparkle.

You can browse the collection closely at Altınbaş stores and altinbas.com and make yourself and your loved ones happy by choosing the piece that best suits your taste.

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