A Very Special Collection from Altınbaş: Te’sir!

Life sometimes presents us with tough tests, casts a shadow over our plans, and can make it difficult for us to reach our dreams. Do you also explain some of the situations that happen to you with the evil eye? Then, with Te’sir, one of Altınbaş’s most special collections, you can protect yourself in these difficult times. This special collection designed to protect from the effects of the evil eye includes the protective prayers of Nas and Felak surahs. Here are the pieces we have chosen for you from the Te’sir Collection, carefully designed by Altınbaş!

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The Te’sir Collection offers a magnificent harmony of gold and precious stones designed to create a positive impact on your life.

These valuable jewelry pieces in the Te’sir Collection are a perfect gift option to protect your loved ones from the evil eye and fill their lives with positive energy.

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In life, some things can go wrong or may not go as you hope for no reason. Many people believe that the evil eye is effective in such situations.

Te’sir necklaces, which feature Nas and Felak surahs of the Quran that have a protective effect against the evil eye and bad energies, were specifically designed for your protection from the evil eye.

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By buying jewelry containing evil eye prayers for yourself or your loved ones, you can keep bad energy and evil eyes away from your life.

How about opening a new page in your life with Altınbaş’s Te’sir Collection? Remember, sometimes even a touch can change your life!

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