Altınbaş Star Collection and Five Special Pieces We Selected

It’s time to meet the Star Collection, inspired by the story of the Star, located under the letter Ş, which is accepted as the symbol of all beginnings of Altınbaş and contains the meanings of the symbol! Here is the story of the collection and the five unique pieces we selected!

1. Altınbaş Star Earrings 

At each end of the ‘Star‘, which gives the collection its name and inspiration, there are four fundamental values ​​of Altınbaş, Excellence, Value, Sparkle and Infinity.

2. Altınbaş Star Necklace

There is the phenomenon of excellence that Altınbaş artisans strive to achieve at every stage of technology and production with manual labour.

3. Altınbaş Star Ring

On another basis, precious metals and precious stones are explained, and most importantly, the importance of the value given to people on this basis is emphasized.

4. Altınbaş Star Cuff Bracelet

On the other end of the star is the sparkle of every piece of jewellery created by Altınbaş and the sparkle of the people who give this sparkle its real meaning, while at the last and most valuable end of the star, eternity is depicted.

5. Altınbaş Star Necklace

On the basis of eternity, the desire of people’s greatest passion and inspiration to leave a mark on life meets with Altınbaş’s greatest passion which is the desire to exist forever by witnessing happy moments.

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