Deep Meanings, Special Gifts: Altınbaş Mandala

A mandala symbolises the purest energy that life has to offer and expresses happiness becoming a part of life. The Mandala Collection by Altınbaş is a talisman of joy and positivity inspired by the deep meaning of mandalas.

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The mandala, originating from the Sanskrit language, symbolizes the expansion of the universe from a single point at its centre.

Mandala, an ancient Far Eastern art, holds great significance as it represents both the circle and centre in Turkish. The process of creating a mandala can take days, weeks, or even months, but the result is a beautifully intricate design that holds within it a powerful energy.

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Psychology experts define mandala art as a form of self-expression that reflects the subconscious. The mandala, which is believed to be more than 40,000 years old, has even been found engraved in caves.

The art of mandala has been recognized for over 6,000 years in Turkey and around the world. Ottoman, Iranian, and Seljuk art commonly feature mandala drawings.

Click for the Altınbaş mandala collection.

The Mandala Collection, designed by Altınbaş with inspiration from the deep meaning of the mandala, dazzles with its quality artistry, elegant designs and modern lines.

You can carry the talisman of happiness with the elegant designs in the Mandala Collection or inspire joy in your loved ones with this meaningful gift.

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