Exclusive for Refined Style: Altınbaş Moire

Altınbaş Moire Collection brings you elegant designs in deep blue and white tones. Inspired by the deepening feelings of happiness, the Moire Collection pieces stand out with their refined designs. Here are the most stylish pieces we selected from the Moire Collection

Click for Altınbaş Moire collection.

Jewellery with unique designs that can become a reflection of happiness awaits you in this exclusive collection.

Jewellery which has become the most significant symbol of happiness supports you to enrich your style with their original design lines.

Click for Altınbaş Moire collection.

If you are looking for aesthetically designed jewellery to reflect your radiance, check the options in the Moire Collection that come with Altınbaş difference.

Hurry up to meet the Moire Collection, designed for all ages and seasons to accommodate different styles…

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