Experience Altınbaş Ocean’s Stunning Designs

Seamlessly blending the boundless nature of the ocean with the unmatched splendour of diamonds, the Altınbaş Ocean Collection unites blue and white diamonds to elevate the sophistication of extraordinary women who exude a captivating aura of brilliance!

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With Altınbaş, the vast and deep ocean, the source of vitality for our planet, and the diamond’s energy, which helps to combat negativity and harmful rays, come together in perfect harmony.

The collection features necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets in a harmonious blend of deep ocean hues and sparkling diamonds, appealing to various styles with both soft and symmetrical lines.

Click for the Altınbaş ocean collection.

You can choose between classic elegance featuring designs embroidered on yellow gold or modern pastel elegance featuring designs embroidered on white gold, based on your unique taste and style.

The Ocean Collection combines blue and white, symbolizing peace and purity, with white gold in elegant bracelets, necklaces, and sparkling rings suitable for both day and night wear.

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