Introducing the Renewed Altınbaş Flower of Life Collection

Altınbaş renewed its Flower of Life collection. New products added to exclusively designed necklaces, rings, wristbands and bracelets will be among your favourite jewellery with their flawless and eye-catching designs. Here are the new products in the Flower of Life Collection and what this special symbol tells.

The flower of life geometrically describes the creation of humans and all living things, referring to the existence of a single creator with its symbols and is considered one of the signatures of the creator. Indeed, the order of creation of humans and all living things is hidden among the geometric shapes of the flower of life. The focal point of the flower of life, also known as the “language of silence” and “language of light”, lies in its pure form and proportion.

The flower of life consists of 20 interlocking circles, and these circles are believed to hide the secret of the entire universe. The first seven circles in the flower of life symbolize the creation of the world in seven days.

The biggest reason this symbol is called the flower of life is not only because it resembles a flower but also because it represents fruit trees.

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