Passionate Red: Altınbaş Ruby Earrings

The magnificent diamonds and rubies meet in Altınbaş earring models. Altınbaş diamond and ruby ​​earring models stand out with their stylish and eye-catching designs. Be sure to look at the models we have selected for you among ruby ​​earrings ranging from minimalist to striking designs!

Diamond Ruby Earrings

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Ruby, a member of the precious stones family with its arresting and striking colour, adds a distinct value to every jewellery piece.

Ruby is known as the “Stone of Purity” and “Stone of Nobility”. Ruby ​​, as the symbol of vitality, courage and prosperity, also increases the energy of the person wearing it with its high energy.

Diamond Ruby Earrings

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The striking colour of the ruby reacts to light, even in the dark. Rubies come together with the sparkle of the diamonds bearing the Altınbaş signature. Diamond and ruby ​​earrings highlight your elegance, either individually or as a set.

You can examine the diamond ruby ​​earring models created to appeal to different tastes and easily choose the model that will suit you or your loved ones.

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