The Deep Meaning Behind Altınbaş Tesir Collection

Altınbaş brings unforgettable gifts of jewellery to life with high sentimental value. The models in the Te’sir Collection attract attention with their deep meanings and stylish designs. Te’sir necklace designs, embroidered with the Nas and Felak surahs from the Qur’an, which have a protective effect against the evil eye and evil energies, are with you to protect you from the evil eye.

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Two different surahs are embroidered on two sides of the necklaces in the Altınbaş Te’sir Collection. There are exquisite options for all ages of women among these precious and unique necklaces you can choose for yourself or your loved ones.

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You will feel distinguished every moment of the day with Te’sir necklaces carrying protective prayers and designed with the perfect harmony of gold and precious stones. You can reflect the radiance of gold with the Te’sir necklace models that accompany you with their spiritual value in every moment of your life.

Click for Altınbaş Te’sir Collection.

You will turn heads with your style in every environment you enter with the necklace model, with each design detail handled most intricately.

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