The Flower of Life Collection and 5 Special Pieces of Our Choice

The “Flower of Life” collection from Altınbaş features stylish designs that can suit any woman’s taste and age. Would you like to add the radiance and beauty of this unique symbol to your wardrobe by making space for the flawless glow of the Flower of Life collection?

Altınbaş Flower of Life Necklace

Altınbaş’s designs featuring the Flower of Life motif embody the secrets of the universe and life, brought to life with impeccable craftsmanship.

Altınbaş Flower of Life Bracelet

The Flower of Life is composed of the central point in each circle and the intersection of the six surrounding circles. This symbol has the power to make you feel that the miracle and inspiration are within yourself.

Altınbaş Flower of Life Earrings

The Altınbaş “Flower of Life” collection guarantees that you will always feel special and chic, effortlessly adapting to your various styles.

Altınbaş Flower of Life Ring

Express your appreciation for the special person in your life by gifting them a jewellery piece designed with a flower of life motif. Show them how much they mean to you and how valuable they are.

Altınbaş Flower of Life Necklace

Discover the exquisite “Flower of Life” Collection now! These bracelets, necklaces, and rings will become cherished reminders of you every time your loved one wears them.

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