Unique Wedding Gift: Sapphire Earrings

Sapphire, the favourite of princesses, transforms brides into magical heroines of their own fairy tales through Altınbaş’s designs. Sapphire earrings, the most elegant embodiment of deep blue, fit perfectly with any wedding dress style. For unique wedding gifts, please check our selection of sapphire earrings that reflect the elegant combination of diamonds with sapphire!

Sapphire, also known as the stone of paradise, has been considered an integral part of women’s elegance for hundreds of years.

With its unique deep colour, sapphire stands out as a favourite jewellery piece of sultans, princesses, and ladies.

A member of the ruby ​​family, the sapphire is known as the symbol of a clear mind, increased happiness, and brand new beginnings.

The jewellery pieces prepared with this exquisite stone add charm to the wearer by trapping the mystery and depth in its magnificent colour.

Altınbaş diamond sapphire earrings, capturing the perfect harmony of sapphire and diamonds, await women who wish to create a difference with unparalled jewellery.

You, too, can choose from the sapphire earring models to add a stylish touch to your wedding elegance.

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