Overview of the Season’s Featured Wedding Bands

Wedding bands, the symbol of eternal unity, come to life with Altınbaş’s elegant, modern and timeless designs. It’s time to take a look at our selections for you, from classic models to designs with precious stones, from diamond wedding bands to models with motifs!

Classic Gold Wedding Bands

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Classic wedding band models continue to preserve their place in the hearts from past to present.

There are wedding band models that preserve their classic texture, as well as models in yellow, white, and rose gold that dazzle in the vast Altınbaş wedding band collection.

Gold Wedding Bands with Precious Stones

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Edgey embroideries and precious stones in gold wedding bands give you a radiant look.

Altınbaş gold wedding band models with precious stones are among the first choices of people who want to buy plain yet elegant wedding bands.

Diamond Wedding Band Models

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Altınbaş brings exquisite diamonds together with wedding bands, the most special symbol of loyalty.

Diamond wedding bands designed with the finest craftsmanship of Altınbaş are the crown jewel of the most memorable days of brides and grooms.

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