Ideas to Help Children Connect with Nature

A survey was conducted with the participation of ten thousand children from ten different countries to measure the effects of global climate change on human psychology. According to the survey results, two out of every three children are very worried about the future of nature; 40% of children do not want to have children, and half of the participants think there will not be a livable world in the near future.

“Don’t underestimate children’s climate concerns.”

Stating that children’s concerns should not be underestimated in order to manage the emotional effects of global climate change, Dr Gizem Sürenkök adds, “Instead of saying nothing would happen to the world, and trying to assure them not to worry about such things, it is better to discuss the events with them in a realistic way that is appropriate to their age.”

Having a pet helps connect with nature

According to Dr Sürenkök, issues such as having a pet, being responsible for their needs, and taking care of plants at home help children move away from their egocentric structure and stay in touch with their environment.

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