It’s Time for Pot and Soil Change!

Houseplants, which add the blissful touch of nature to our living spaces, need regular water, nutrients, oxygen and light like every living thing. In addition to routine care, it is crucial to repot plants with fresh soil to provide them with the essential nutrients they need. What better time than the spring season for this? Here is what you need to know about soil change and repotting…

Materials needed:

  • A pot one or two sizes larger than the pot you use
  • Soil suitable for your plant’s nutritional needs
  • Pebbles to provide drainage (if your pot does not have drainage holes.)
  • Gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • An old tablecloth to work on to prevent soil from spreading everywhere

Step-by-Step Repotting and Soil Change:

  • Choose a spacious area and place the tablecloth
  • Gently pull the plant out of the pot by holding its stem at the strongest point. If you have difficulty, gently tap the sides of the pot to move the soil.
  • Get rid of the extra soil around the root of the plant
  • Prune dead and out-of-place root segments
  • Put a few pebble stones on the bottom of the new pot if there are no drainage holes
  • Place your plant in the new pot and fill in with soil
  • Place the new pot in the desired location and water the plant immediately
  • Use soil specifically prepared for indoor plants

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