Turkey’s Most Special Concept Museums

These museums are different from the museums you know… Some with their presentation technique, some with their concept, and others with the interestingness of the field they specialize in. Here are some of the concept museums we selected for you, which specialize in specific subjects and have changed the traditional museology perception in Turkey in recent years.

Baksı Museum – Bayburt

Baksı Museum is just for you if you are into contemporary and traditional handicrafts! Located on a hill overlooking Çoruh Valley, 45 km from the city centre, the museum masterfully blends different handicrafts where you can see them exhibited under the same roof.

KEY Museum- Izmir

Located in the Torbalı district of İzmir, KEY Museum, which has the title of Turkey’s largest automobile museum, exhibits 130 classic cars, 40 motorcycles, 300 automobile mascots and 2550 model cars produced in the world between the end of the 1880s and 2011.

Kastamonu Hat Museum- Kastamonu

More than 550 hats are exhibited in the museum, which is located inside the Architect Vedat Tek Culture and Arts Center and is the only hat museum in Turkey. Among the hats on display are the hats of many famous names, including Süleyman Demirel, Filiz Akın and Cemil İpekçi.

Cinema Museum- Adana

Adana Cinema Museum, where you will experience the cinema history and culture of the region, is located in Seyhan. The museum includes interesting collections from statues of Yeşilçam actors to cinema equipment. It also houses collections such as the cinema library, the Altın Koza (Golden Boll) Room and the Yılmaz Güney Room.

Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum- Istanbul

Located in Çağlayan, the museum is the fruit of Nejat Çuhadaroğlu’s desire to be a collector, which started at an early age. Especially the military and ethnographic works of the Ottoman period become even more magnificent with the three-dimensional descriptions.

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