Stay Physically Active for Mental Health and Avoiding Depression!

According to psychiatrist and faculty member Dr. Elvan Çiftçi, reflecting on the root causes of depression involves reassessing one’s life. She emphasizes that depression can be a hindrance to a person’s well-being. “Even if you don’t feel like it, it’s important to engage in physical activity when you’re feeling down,” says Çiftçi.

Avoid routines

According to Çiftçi, depression can create a negative voice that keeps a person from taking action. This voice can make someone feel like they will be a burden to others and prevent them from socializing. However, it is important to listen to the voice of truth instead of the voice of depression. To combat depression, Çiftçi recommends finding inner peace and challenging negative thoughts. For example, one should think that going out is better than staying in or they won’t be a burden to others.

Setting achievable goals is crucial, such as making your bed and putting away the dishes. When you continue doing these tasks, your life will fall into a routine. Also, it’s essential to spend time on hobbies, meet friends, visit places you enjoy, and listen to music. When dealing with depression, avoid doing the same things repeatedly, and try new activities to stimulate your mind from different angles. Engaging in physical activity and sports that increase physical strength can also be highly effective.

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