Suggestions for Making Perfumes Last Longer

Parfümlerin Daha Kalıcı Olması İçin Öneriler

If we consider fashion, beauty, and care as a whole, it is understood how important the subject of perfume is in its own lane. We can say that perfume, with cult fragrances, niche perfumes, limited editions, is indispensable for women in today’s world. So what needs to be done to get the maximum efficiency and permanence from this perfume that is so important? Here are the clues to using more lasting perfume with 5 simple rules…

1- Spray perfume on a clean skin

If it’s important for you that perfumes smell nice and you don’t want their scent to change, you should apply your perfume on a clean skin. In this way, the scent that sticks to the clean surface will be able to stay with you for a longer time.

2- Use EDP, not EDT

Everything is based on a classification made by brands depending on how the perfume makes you feel in terms of scent concentration and depth. EDP is typically long-lasting on clothes and skin for 10-16 hours. The issue is actually about perfume oil concentration. EDP perfumes offer more intensity and longevity advantage in this respect.

3- Pay attention to the expiration date

Perfumes start to produce bacteria containing harmful and allergenic substances after waiting for a long time. It should also be known that the life of perfumes, whose permanence will decrease day by day, is 3 months. In this case, choosing small bottled perfumes will be the right option.

4- Don’t forget to spray on your hair

If you want to smell nice all day long, you can try spraying your perfume on your hair as well. You can also try combing your hair after spraying perfume on your hairbrush. The scent lasts longer on hair! Since many perfumes contain alcohol that can damage the hair, it should not be sprayed directly onto the hair.

5- Spray your perfume in the right areas

are the right points to spray perfume. There is a well-known mistake about this: After spraying perfume, you should not rub your wrists together. This process causes the perfume to fly away quickly. It is best to let the perfume dry on its own on the wrists.

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