Trending Hair Colours of the Season

Hair will be as lively, colourful and shiny as possible in 2022. Many hair colours are on the rise this year, making everyone happy, from blonde hair lovers to those who love brown shades. How about meeting trending hair colours ranging from bright chestnuts to honey blondes?

Luminous Chestnut

This year, those who love dark hair clour should definitely give luminous chestnut tones a chance! Intense and warm, this chestnut tone is the key to a youthful look.

Honey Blond

We have an excellent suggestion for those who avoid darker shades such as browns yet are reluctant to try light blond shades: Honey Blond shades are here this summer with transitions that best reflect the sun.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate browns are layered with different shade transitions in the new season. These shades, reminiscent of chocolate truffle, will win our hearts with their luminescence.

Cotton Candy Pink

Pink hair has been very trendy in recent years. This summer, those who do not hesitate to make bold choices should try pastel pinks.

Hollywood Blonde

This colour is very convenient as it has both shade transitions and neutral and cool undertones. You will be like a Hollywood star smiling on the red carpet.

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