Collection Dedicated to Strong Women: Altınbaş Denge

With lines reflecting the jewellery choice of stylish women, Altınbaş Denge Collection attracts attention with its eye-catching models. Denge Collection demonstrates the harmony of power, passion and charm that will mark the new season.

For Women Radiating Their Luminescence

Altınbaş Denge Collection is becoming the new symbol of women who produce, shape life and inspire with their radiance.

Triangular forms predominate the Altınbaş Denge Collection, where the three corners that form the triangle express ‘power’, ‘passion’ and ‘charm’.

Gifts for Every Style

This unique collection, designed with 14k gold, impresses with its shahmaran and hair accessories in addition to rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and wristbands.

Altınbaş Denge Collection awaits strong women in Altınbaş stores and at the online sales site.

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