Most Meaningful Baby Gifts of the Season

Every baby brings luck, hope and happiness to the world. With the baby’s first cry, tears of joy and hope take over nine months-long anticipations. You may share this joy at your loved ones’ side or from afar. Please remember that meaningful and treasured baby gifts of the season are just a click away!

Most Beautiful Baby Girl Pins

Flowers, sheep and fruit symbols on Altınbaş gold baby pins come together with evil eye beads to create the cutest pin models.

Click for Golden Baby Pins.

You can choose among these cute and creative pins if you want your newborn baby’s gift to be unforgettable.

Most Beautiful Baby Boy Pins

You can choose blue detailed baby pins for a unique and memorable baby boy gift.

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Blue, the first colour that comes to mind for a baby boy, also comes forefront on the pins. Altınbaş combines evil eye beads, prayers and cute symbols with elegant craftsmanship in baby boy pins.

Click For Golden Baby Pins.

Cutest Gold Baby Pacifiers

Gold pacifiers with evil eye bead details stand out as an excellent gift idea for boys and girls.

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