All Eyes On You Collection and Five Special Pieces We Selected

All Eyes On You Collection, among the favourites of women of all ages and styles, draws attention with its minimalist designs and elegant and slim stance. We selected our favourites enriched with symbols believed to protect against negative energies from this minimalist collection for you, such as Fatma’s hand and the third eye.

0.01 Carat Diamond All Eyes On You Ring

All Eyes On You, one of the most remarkable collections of Altınbaş, is a unique collection suitable for daily use.

0.08 Carat Diamond All Eyes On You Earring

All of the precious stones in every model in the collection are diamonds. There are exclusive designs set to draw all eyes and light on you in the collection created by uniting unique designs with the eye figure.

0.09 Carat Diamond All Eyes On You Neclace

The designs in the All Eyes On You Collection, where the eye figure representing the supreme radiance of existence, self-sufficiency, and the eternal inner journey is embedded, are the best reflections of energy and light to the outside.

0.01 Carat Diamond All Eyes On You Earring

Diamond jewellery, the number one choice of those who follow trends and love to be fashionable, is suitable both for daily use and for special occasions.

0.05 Carat Diamond All Eyes On You Earring Shahmaran Wristband

You can visit Altınbaş stores to meet stylish and elegant All Eyes On You products.

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