All Eyes On You This Summer: ‘All Eyes On You’ Collection

The invaluable philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero, who lived between 106-43 BC, has a saying: “It is luck, not reason, that governs human life.” It may seem contradictory for a thinker who has devoted himself to the path of reason to make such a statement; however, it is impossible not to give credit to Cicero. Who can underestimate the share of luck in human life?

Because of this undeniable relationship between life and fortune, human beings have been looking for ways to turn their luck for hundreds, even thousands of years. Sometimes they make a wish after a shooting star; sometimes, they turn to a four-leaf clover for luck or carry a small eye figure to protect them from evil eyes. Thus, the instinct of self-preservation and wanting the best for oneself is riveted; Everyone wants to follow the path where they feel good.

Based on this notion, the All Eyes On You Collection by Altınbaş, designed to make you feel much better, continues to appeal this season.

Clover, horseshoe, star and bow figures accompany the collection, which draws its impressive power from the symbolic values ​​of the eye figure and the sparkle of diamonds. You can add a nice colour to your daily life by choosing the figures that you feel closest to yourself, your style and your beliefs. A more decadent selection welcomes you in the eye figure designs that are the collection’s inspiration.

In the All Eyes On You Collection, sapphires accompany diamonds. The collection, where there is a suitable piece for everyone, consists of designs set to bring luck to your life. You will attract everyone’s attention and open the doors of luck with these designs that add an elegant touch to your daily combinations.

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