Embrace Life with ‘Spiral’ in the New Year!

The meticulously designed and dazzling Altınbaş Spiral Collection is ideal for those who want to make a sparkling start to the new year! With the Spiral Collection, which adapts to both daily life and special invitations, you can dazzle at any moment, anywhere!

Designed with yellow gold and white gold, the Spiral Collection offers the most elegant version of waterway bracelets.

The Spiral Collection, which shines dazzlingly on every skin with its sparkling stones, also manages to adapt to many different styles.

Spiral bracelets, a unique choice for elegant ladies, are perfect for making a strong and stylish start to a new year.

You can transform the stylish and modern spiral bracelets into unique necklaces with a single move. You can prepare your own necklace design by adding the ends side by side.

It’s just time to pamper yourself with the Spiral Collection, which offers multi-purpose use as both a bracelet and a necklace!

You can own the elegant and impressive Spiral Collection from the website and Altınbaş stores!

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