Piercing Names and Models According to the Pierced Area

If you like ear piercings, which are gaining popularity day by day, but can’t decide which part of your ear to get a piercing, this article is for you. If you’re ready to recognize the names of popular piercing areas and learn about their pain levels, let’s dive into the article.


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The tragus is a cartilage section located directly in the ear canal opening. The tragus area, which looks great with many piercing models, has an above-average cartilage thickness compared to other parts of the ear. The pain level is slightly higher but still bearable.


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The anti-daith, the upper neighbour of the tragus piercing, has a similar healing period as the tragus piercing.


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Almost every piercing that is pierced into the upper and thin cartilage part of the ear is given this name. Since the cartilage in this area is thinner than in other parts of the ear, it hurts much less. That’s why it is one of the most preferred places.

Rook Piercing

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A piercing through the top portion or antihelix of the ear. The antihelix is located above the tragus on the ridge between the inner and outer conch. This piercing, which looks great with double-sided or hoop earrings, is a bit more painful than other areas.

Lobe Piercing

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The real name of the earlobe earrings we have all used since childhood is lobe piercing. This area is the most painless, but the pain increases a little as you get closer to the cartilage structure.

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