Reflect Happiness with Mandala Designs

Deep, meaningful and very special… Mandala reflects the purest energy of life and expresses happiness becoming a part of life. Inspired by this deep meaning, the Mandala Collection that Altınbaş brought to life is here as the talisman of happiness for brides.

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Mandala represents the universe that starts with a single dot (I) in the middle and grows around it from the inside out. The origin of the word Mandala is Sanskrit.

Mandala is a Far Eastern art dating back to ancient times. Mandala, which can take days, weeks or even months to complete, means “the one who stores energy”.

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Mandala art is defined by psychology experts as the self-expression of the unconscious self.

The recognition of mandala art in Turkey and the world is more than 6 thousand years old. Mandala drawings are common in Ottoman, Persian and Seljuk art.

Click for Altınbaş mandala collection.

The Mandala Collection, designed by Altınbaş inspired by the deep meaning of the mandala, dazzles with its quality artisanship, elegant and modern designs..

With the elegant designs in the Mandala Collection, you can wear the talisman of happiness and make your loved ones happy with this meaningful gift.

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