The Marin Collection: Drawing Inspiration from Deep Blue

Altınbaş draws inspiration from the ocean and its shimmering blue hues for its Marin Collection, which features innovative and beautiful designs. The collection showcases the “Lapis Lazuli” stone, which has been used in jewelry and ornaments since ancient times due to its protective properties. With its one-of-a-kind designs, the Marin Collection is sure to become a staple in any woman’s jewelry collection.

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The Marin Collection comprises a range of jewelry items, including earrings, necklaces, anklets, wristbands, charms, shahmaran, rings, and bracelets. This collection is inspired by the ocean, which is often associated with feelings of joy, tranquility, and calmness.

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Jewellery lovers have a diverse selection to choose from with the collection that includes 14-karat gold, sapphire, and diamond products. The collection also features anchor, rope, and seashell motifs.

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The Captivating Essence of Lapis Lazuli

The collection features the beautiful Lapis Lazuli stone, which is famous for its protective properties, ability to enhance mental strength, promote spiritual relaxation, and improve focus.

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Lapis Lazuli has its roots in Latin, with “lapis” meaning stone and “lazuli” meaning blue. This vivid blue stone was highly valued by the ancient Egyptians for its cosmetic properties. Even Michelangelo, the renowned painter, sculptor, architect, and poet of the Italian Renaissance, used it in powder form to add color to the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

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The Marin Collection from Altınbaş is truly captivating with its energy-emitting Lapis Lazuli stones and unique designs. These alternatives are perfect for daily wear, special occasions and summer nights that women simply cannot resist. You can find the Marin Collection at all Altınbaş stores and online sales site,

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