Decor Ideas to Reflect Summer Vibe at Home

Are you ready to transfer summer’s energy, freshness and warm effects to your living spaces? We have compiled inspiring style ideas that you can create with small decorative touches in your homes, from the balcony to the terrace, the living room or the foyer.

Living Rooms with a Summer Vibe

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How about adding summer energy to your living rooms, a place where you spend a substantial amount of time and host your guests? It’s simple to create the feeling by adding fresh flowers, sun-inspired yellow accessories, and fresh citrus fruits!

Foyers with a Summer Vibe

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Foyers give the first impression of what the style of a home is. Don’t forget to add a summer touch to your foyer using natural wood, bamboo baskets, and wicker baskets.

Balconies and Terraces with a Summer Vibe

Photos: Pinterest

Balconies and terraces are the main living spaces where we enjoy the summer months to the fullest. Jazz up your balconies and terraces with romantic lighting, marine tones, wicker wall accessories and fresh flowers!

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