Expert Advice to Prepare for the New Season

Seasonal changes can cause mood swings, such as feeling unwell, weak and unhappy. These mood swings can also have adverse effects on people’s eating habits. Here are the experts’ suggestions to protect mental and physical health as we enter the new season:

Keep your social life avtive

In the autumn and winter months, when the days are shorter and the daylight loses intensity, people may prefer staying home more, having less social and physical activity, and less emotional interactions due to the change in the weather. This isolation can make it difficult for people to cope with stressful situations and thus can trigger depressive symptoms.

Avoid overeating

However, with the increasing depressive effects of autumn and winter, people may show excessive eating behaviour to cope with their negative mood. This situation can increase weight gain, creating dissatisfaction with their bodies, feelings of intense guilt, and symptoms such as unhappiness and depression. On the contrary, in spring and summer, with the effects of good weather, spending more time outdoors and being socially and physically more active can increase positive emotions in people.

Prioritise Exercising

Increasing behavioural activities such as exercising or walking outdoors, having a sleep pattern in which the body is sufficiently rested in a dark and quiet environment, and having healthy eating habits play a crucial role in protecting our mental health and body from the harmful effects of seasonal transitions. When people suppress their negative emotions instead of expressing them or choose one of the dysfunctional coping methods, such as overeating, their symptoms may increase. Contrary to dysfunctional coping methods, engaging in social activities, making room for hobbies in life, sharing with family and close friends, and choosing outdoors to benefit from daylight instead of being indoors can have positive effects on people’s moods. In addition, activities that will relax individuals, such as yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises, play a significant role in increasing the well-being of people.

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