Suggestions for Marriage Proposal Organizations

Stay calm if you want to make an unforgettable marriage proposal to the person you have chosen to join your life but could not yet find an original enough idea. We are ready to assist you. You can personalize our suggestions, change them by decorating with different details or find new solutions inspired by these ideas. If your solitaire ring is ready to accompany the first steps you will take in life together, here are some remarkable marriage proposal ideas!

Under the Sea

If you are one of those couples keen on diving, you can declare your love under the sea. You can surprise your lover by hiding the ring before diving in together and then make your lover find it.

Create Big Difference with Small Details

Marriage proposals don’t always have to be luxurious. For example, you can hide your wedding proposal in the toy box of a surprise chocolate egg. With the real ring revealed later, the proposal would reach magnificence.

Take the First Step towards Marriage on the Peaks of Adrenaline

A marriage proposal on a speed train, on a fast-paced boat, while going through a horror tunnel or on inverted mechanical seats at an amusement park could be exciting. You can ask friends or employees to help hold banners with the proposal’s text. It would be a good idea to use the photo opportunities of the venue to make the proposal memorable as these photos will make you re-live the excitement in the years to come.

A Thousand Colours of Love

Since the powder paint battles are getting more and more popular, it might be a good idea to decorate a marriage proposal with them. The first step should be writing the marriage proposal on a wall with transparent slow-drying paint or adhesive before the paint war starts. Once the paint war begins, every speck of colourful paint reaching the wall would gradually make the text visible and bingo! The marriage proposal would appear in the background.

Haven’t Chosen Your Solitaire Yet?

However your proposal style will be, it is up to you to make this moment as memorable as possible. The solitaire in the box that will pop out following the magical words should be as beautiful, meaningful and pure as your love, passion and intentions. Altınbaş’s diamond solitaires, each more elegant and chic than the other, have already said ‘yes’ to being the eternal witness of this love.

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