Trendy Bridal Hairstyles of 2022

It is time for those who plan to get married in 2022 to look at brand new wedding gown models and familiarise themselves with the latest wedding trends! As Altınbaş, we stand by you in this enjoyable and exciting process. Be sure to check out the inspirational photos below to determine which hairstyle would suit your dream wedding gown!

Messy Buns

It is a highly romantic idea to adorn messy buns with flower hair accessories!

Half up Half down Waves

Wavy hair with front locks gathered loosely, and the rest is entirely let down, should be a favourite style for long-haired brides.

Boho Fishtails

Braids, one of the most romantic hairstyles that suit brides, are highly trendy in 2022 in very shabby and messy forms.

Sleek Chignon

This style, especially suitable for women with triangular facial features, is the key to an elegant look.

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