8 Mistakes Beginners Make in Sports

Undoubtedly, the way to a healthy life is through exercise, only if done correctly and regularly! Because a workout done incorrectly does not provide benefits and can cause many significant health problems. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr Betül Toygar talks about eight crucial mistakes you should avoid as a beginner and shares essential recommendations.

Neglecting to get your health checked!

It is extremely important that you go through a health check before starting any exercise program or sports activity that you will continue regularly.

Determining the exercise program yourself!

If you have no previous workout experience or have been living a sedentary life for a long time, select and plan the exercise program together with a fitness instructor.

Skipping the warm-up exercises!

Before starting any sports activity or exercise program, warming up for at least 15 minutes is vital in getting the muscles and tendons ready for sports.

Being over-ambitious!

Exaggerating the number and frequency of exercises and increasing the difficulty levels too fast to gain a fit body or to lose weight quickly can cause injuries.

Not taking the time to stretch!

Slowly cooling down your increased body temperature through stretching will help your heart rate and breathing frequency decrease gradually and your blood pressure return to normal.

Taking a break for more than a week!

Taking a break from exercise programs for over a week takes us back to where we started. Thus, if, for some reason, you can’t train three times in a row, you definitely can’t pick up where you left off.

Using the same shoes for every type of sport!

For this reason, wear clothes and shoes suitable for the sport you choose.

Trying the exercises available on the Internet!

If you have no previous experience in sports, avoid doing the exercises you see on the internet. Because it requires knowledge and expertise to move at the right angle, adjust breathing correctly and create the desired effect on the muscles.

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