Expert Recommendations for Heart Health

Heart patients have increased in recent years due to unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles and bad habits. Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr Ahmet Karabulut told us what we must know about heart health and shared important tips.

A healthy lifestyle is more effective than medicine!

A significant reduction in the risk of developing heart disease can be achieved by regular exercise, maintaining an ideal weight, following a Mediterranean diet, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, getting quality sleep and reducing stress.

Pay attention to your diet!

It is recommended to follow a Mediterranean diet where you consume plenty of vegetables, enough fruit, walnuts, olives, olive oil in moderation, whole grain bread and fresh oily sea fish.

If there is a heart patient under the age of 50 in your family!

While heart diseases show familial inheritance, heart attacks observed before age 50, especially in first-degree relatives, indicate familial predisposition.

Refrain from making this mistake when using blood thinners!

According to scientific data, aspirin used for prevention in people without heart disease increases the risk of bleeding in the long term, and it does not provide any significant benefit to prevent heart disease.

Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol!

According to studies, due to these harmful substances, heart diseases occur early, artery blockage is faster, and heart attack and stroke risk increases.

Those with chronic diseases, beware!

Heart attack risk reduces in people whose blood pressure is controlled and who have well-balanced blood sugar levels.

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