How Can We Safeguard Our Health in Air-Conditioned Environments?

As temperatures rise, using air conditioners more frequently provides comfort but can also negatively affect our health. Many people experience health issues, commonly referred to as “AC sickness”, especially during the summer. To avoid sudden changes in body temperature caused by air-conditioned environments, we have put together some tips for you.

Ensure Proper Usage

To avoid getting sick from the AC when entering a closed space, wait until your body temperature has cooled down before turning on the air conditioner. It’s also important to use the AC at an ideal temperature of between 23°C and 26°C during the summer.

Importance of Air Diffusers

In addition to natural precautions such as avoiding sudden temperature changes and refraining from standing in front of the air conditioner while sweating, utilizing various devices is imperative for preventing AC sickness. These devices are crucial for maintaining controlled cooling and ensuring optimal air conditioning.

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