The Importance of Wearing Sunscreen

When summer comes, we all search for the most effective yet most natural sunscreens. Although the terms associated with sunscreen are confusing, it is essential to know them to make the right choice for our skin. Nurgül Dirlik, the founder of the natural cosmetics brand Rosece, penned down everything we need to know about sunscreens for Altınbaş Life readers.

What is SPF?

SPF is a measure of how much solar energy (UV radiationone of the sun’s harmful raysis required to produce sunburn on protected skin. In the simplest terms, it means how many times it prolongs the redness formation time of the skin after sun exposure.

Do Natural Oils Have a Sunscreen Effect?

Using zinc oxide, which provides high UVA-UVB protection, combined with fixed oils with antioxidant properties in sunscreen formulations, offers natural and safe results with high UVB-UVA protection efficiency. The fact that the formulation is 100% oil-based ensures that Zinc oxide can be used at a higher proportion and homogenized better. For this reason, SPF values ​​of 40 and higher in organic certified and natural sunscreens are only seen in the oil-based form. It is also possible to make lighter formulations with water-oil emulsification, where mineral filter Zinc oxide is used with natural antioxidant oils. In this case, 20+ 30+ SPF values ​​can be reached, which is quite sufficient for daily use.

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