Why Should We Drink Water After Tea and Coffee?

With the drop in temperatures, many people are waiting to get thirsty to drink water! They also increase their tea and coffee consumption to warm up in cold weather. Moreover, they think that tea and coffee consumption can replace water! Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Ayşe Sena Burcu shared crucial information on water consumption.

Make sure you drink a glass of water after tea and coffee!

Ayşe Sena Burcu reminded us that it was possible to overdo tea and coffee to warm up on cold winter days. However, such beverages contain caffeine and cause a loss of fluid in the body due to their diuretic effect. She said, “It is essential to watch the amount of tea and coffee consumption and make sure to drink a glass of water after each cup of tea or coffee.”

Ayşe Sena Burcu noted that those who have difficulty drinking water could facilitate their water consumption by adding fruit and vegetables such as lemon slices-cucumber, apple slices-cinnamon sticks, pear slices-mint and lemon ginger to the water. She says this can contribute to vitamin/mineral intake and make drinking water more enjoyable.

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