The Mandala Collection from Altınbaş embodies the essence of pure energy and expresses the beauty of happiness becoming a part of life. Inspired by this deep meaning, it serves as your talisman of happiness.

Altınbaş Mandala Bracelet

The Mandala symbolizes the universe, beginning with a single dot in the centre and expanding outward from there. The word “Mandala” has its roots in Sanskrit.

Altınbaş Mandala Necklace

Mandala, an ancient Far Eastern art, represents circle, round, and centre in Turkish. The creation of a mandala requires several days, weeks, and even months, as it is known as “the one who stores energy.”

Altınbaş Mandala Ring

Psychology experts assert that mandala art is a form of self-expression stemming from the lower consciousness. It’s important to note that the mandala, a symbol that dates back over 40,000 years, has been unearthed engraved in caves.

Altınbaş Mandala Earrings

The art of mandala has been recognized in Turkey and around the world for over 6,000 years. These intricate designs can be found in Ottoman, Persian, and Seljuk art.

Altınbaş Mandala Necklace

The Mandala Collection offers elegant designs that allow you to wear a talisman of happiness. It’s a meaningful gift that can bring joy to your loved ones.

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