Let Your Style Do The Talking With Gold Shahmaran Bracelets

Gold Shahmaran bracelets, known for their authentic styles and much loved by women, were not used frequently in daily life. Coming together with modern lines and sleek designs in recent years, Shahmaran started to impress with contemporary models suitable for everyday use. Let’s take a look at the Shahmaran that will be highly fashionable this year.

Shahmaran History and Legend

The legend of Shahmaran, the subject of tales and stories in Southern, Central and Eastern Anatolia, is about a mythical creature, half snake and half woman, that has supernatural powers and never ages. The word “şah-ı meran”, derived from the Persian words “shah”, meaning ruler and “meran”, meaning snake, changed over time and became Shahmaran.

A Favorite of Stylish and Modern Women

The queen of serpents, Shahmaran, has been a source of inspiration for designers for many years. She is depicted as a very beautiful female in fairy tales and stories and is the main character of an impressive legend. The snake with a human body from the waist up that we come across as a cultural symbol in accessories, clothes and jewellery has recently attracted significant attention, especially among women.

There is a Shahmaran for Every Style

Elegant diamond shahmaran jewellery adorned with diamonds and various precious stones is the latest trend. Wristbands wrapping around your wrist and reaching your fingers with thin chains help you achieve an incredibly stylish look even when you use them alone.

You can find Shahmaran bracelet models to complement every style; from classic to contemporary or sporty, you can use them daily.

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